July, 2018

I Teach.

I teach.  I share with others what I know and what I'm learning.  Most of my sharing takes place in a college classroom, but I'm open to a public lecture or a private talk here and there.  I teach diverse topics, inside and outside of the classroom - from teacher preparation courses to strategic planning workshops to supervisor training.  My teaching style is engaging, and I utilize evidence-based strategies tailored to adult learning.



I Speak.

I speak, as in publicly.  I give talks and lectures and presentations on interesting topics to interesting people.  On stage, presenting information to small groups of 5-500 is when I feel most alive.  National Conferences to local staff summits, I've served them all.  I have served faculty organizations of 500+ people, and I have directed leadership training for business teams of 3.



I Create.

I create.  I make valuable connections between the culture of an organization and the opportunities and barriers that exist within those cultures.  I do this work for schools primarily, but also for  non-profit and civic organizations, local government agencies, and Churches.



Over 250+ Presentations/Workshops for Schools, Churches, and Businesses since 2009.


Bold Leadership Development for School, Ministry, Civic and Business Organizations.